A personal message from Jay Davies CEO Hungry Mind

Whats New at Hungry Mind
As per many of your requests we have grown our CD’s,DVD’s, Music and Books on CD selection thanks mainly impart to our good friends at “Sounds True Publishing“. This year we will be at the INAT’s ( international New Age Trade Show ) show in Denver booth #528. It would really be a thrill for me to meet you face to face so if your attending this year please stop by especially on Sunday. We will have special show promotions and who knows what else. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!
As I wrote in an article entitled “The Future of Books”¬† the printed book is here to stay. With many large chain stores closing there doors the number of independent bookstores especially Body,Mind,Spirit stores has expanded greatly since then.We have seen quite a few retailers coming to us because they are opening up new stores and need help stocking there shelves. This is great news for Independents like us!
A personal message from Jay Davies CEO Hungry Mind
One of the big advantages of dealing with an independent is the personalized service someone gets when they come in to your store. They become so much more than customers in many cases they become friends. They come to you and ask you if this is a good book or do you like this incense etc….. and of course you tell them the truth even if it means loosing the sale. The same is true when you order from us. After more than 24 years of helping service New Age Bookstores there are many of you who come to me and ask me for help when ordering. Please understand that this is not a burden for me but rather something I enjoy doing.
A big part of my purpose on this planet is helping independents like you succeed and prosper. When I can help you do that it makes me feel good. So I am extending my humble service’s to you in assisting you when you place an order. If you ask me if a title is good or not I may or may not be able to tell you but what I can tell you is if it is a fast mover for us or if people are reordering it alot.I also don’t have any problem discouraging you from a title if I think it wont be a good fit for you and your store. Please feel free and give¬† me a call and we can set up an appointment so I can guide you through an order. It would be my pleasure to help you and to share my 24 plus years of experience in selling Books.
We listen to all your suggestions so please let us know how we can make the site better and easier to navigate.
We are here to help you succeed!
Sincerely Jay Davies Hungry Mind
Hungry Mind Bookmart


Update on the Future of Books!

A number of Months ago I published an article on my Site entitled “The Futre of books”. As the New year begins I feel an update is in order. The amount of New Independents coming to our site to order books has never been higher. More and more Brick and Mortar Chain stores are closing down. People already are protesting the closures of these bookstores. They want a bookstore to go to. This has opened up a huge opportuinities for independents to grow there book selections and open up more bookstores. Although many people still talk about ebooks and Kindles and Nooks the desire for book’s mainly “Bookstores” is getting greater all the time. The warmth of a bookstore willl never be replaced by a cold computer and even the Giant “Amazon” I see very positive things ahead for the independent bookseller and I realize that my customers need me more than ever before. I pledge to you that I will try harder than ever before to provide you all with a great selection of quality great selling titles, this year and for many more years to come B’H. I believe this is my purpose in this world for now and I will treat it as such. Your support and positive vibrations for me and my company have helped us endure for more than 23 years. Heres to the next 23 years

Blessings Jay Hungry Mind

Hungry Mind Catalog

I’ve had many of you asking us to print a catalog for many years now but in order to keep our prices low and be able to offer titles at the prices we do I have resisted taking the plunge. Recently we purchased an addition to our website called “Catalog on Demand” which will enable you the customer to print out a copy of our catalog from our website via a “PDF” file. With this new addition in place we may in addition publish and mail out a paper catalog again a few times a year. We will first try the PDF format from the website and see how that works out. This new technology that we are offering should be available in the next few weeks but I would love any comments or feedback any of you have about this feature as well as how important a paper catalog would be.