Update on the Future of Books!

A number of Months ago I published an article on my Site entitled “The Futre of books”. As the New year begins I feel an update is in order. The amount of New Independents coming to our site to order books has never been higher. More and more Brick and Mortar Chain stores are closing down. People already are protesting the closures of these bookstores. They want a bookstore to go to. This has opened up a huge opportuinities for independents to grow there book selections and open up more bookstores. Although many people still talk about ebooks and Kindles and Nooks the desire for book’s mainly “Bookstores” is getting greater all the time. The warmth of a bookstore willl never be replaced by a cold computer and even the Giant “Amazon” I see very positive things ahead for the independent bookseller and I realize that my customers need me more than ever before. I pledge to you that I will try harder than ever before to provide you all with a great selection of quality great selling titles, this year and for many more years to come B’H. I believe this is my purpose in this world for now and I will treat it as such. Your support and positive vibrations for me and my company have helped us endure for more than 23 years. Heres to the next 23 years

Blessings Jay Hungry Mind